Xarabank il-Gimgha ghal Bjorn u l-ALS

"Il-Marda fuqi qiegħda tgħaġġel u allura qiegħed hawn nitlob l-għajnuna tagħkom. Tistgħu tgħinuni?" Bjorn Formosa minn ALS Malta. Nhar il-Ġimgħa f'Xarabank...

Donation Lines:
51702016 - €15
51802018 - €25

SMS Number:
50619271 - €11.65

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Red Electrick, ZIGGY & Firelight for BEAT IT MAY

The Musical Event of the Year!

Join us and a crowd of 5,000 fans at ARIA Complex! An 8 hour show featuring Malta's top Rock, Dance & House Artists.

An incredible lineup featuring:

  • Red Electrick
  • Firelight
  • Planet Seed
  • Amber

Followed by a 4hr Massive Set by Malta's top:

  • DJ ZIGGY feat. Mulholland.

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The Art Exhibition by Mark Mallia for BEAT IT MAY

Join us for the first event of the ALS Awareness Month!
Presented by Calamatta Cuschieri

An art exhibition by Maltese renowned artist Mark Mallia.
Get the opportunity to get your Mark Mallia piece at a super discounted price!
All proceeds will go in aid of ALS Malta.

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ALS Malta Goods Market

On Sunday 20th March, ALS Malta will  be holding one big resellers market with high quality first hand and second hand goods accompanied by live music and entertainment.

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