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Bjorn u t-tim ser jgħinu aktar bis-saħħa ta’ ALS Malta+

Prior to his official diagnosis, Bjorn Formosa had already started working on the ALS Malta Foundation. This was back in 2015 when his mission was to help people with ALS. On the day doctors confirmed his condition, Bjorn went straight to the first-ever ALS Malta event; the ice bucket challenge in Ta’ Xbiex.


From that day on, the Foundation was the backbone to several neurological patients, aiding them in achieving a better quality of life. Patients with ALS, MS, Huntingtons, Parkinsons and other neurological conditions started receiving help and services. After seven years of service the Foundation felt the need to refresh its identity and rebrand to ALS Malta+. 


ALS Malta+ has become a reference point to people that suffer from any neurological condition on our islands. In Malta, many are receiving free medical equipment, free physio-therapy, free counseling and other professional services thanks to ALS Malta+.


Since its onset, ALS Malta+ managed to open the first-ever residential neurological nursing home that is currently helping 13 patients achieve a dignified existence. A further 300 patients are receiving help from the comfort of their own homes in Malta and Gozo. This service can only be offered thanks to donations that the Foundation collects along the year and from online purchases deriving from


Later on this year, DAR Bjorn 2 in Żebbuġ will be inaugurated and a further 30 patients will start receiving much needed care and treatment. This means that a total number of 43 patients with neurological conditions will be living a qualitative life under the supervision of 24/7 care. 


Yet still, ALSMalta+ will not call it quits, there are still people desperately waiting for help. A telephone call which Bjorn received a few months ago was from a lady saying this; “Tomorrow I have an operation, is it possible for you to take care of my husband while I’m in hospital”. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. 


ALS Malta+ will be working on launching a new service!


The new service that ALS Malta+ is working on is; DAR Bjorn Respite. This will be an extension of DAR Bjorn Żebbuġ where patients will receive care and help for a defined number of days. Despite the small geography that Malta has, there are still patients that require such services. 


ALS Malta+ will be producing another telethon so that this extension can become a reality; DAR Bjorn Respite. The telethon will be held on Sunday, 25th September on local television stations. 


This will all be possible, thanks to all Maltese that donated in previous years and will continue to support Bjorn and ALS Malta+. This is the reason why Bjorn and the ALS Malta+ team will be helping more. 


You can donate via , send an SMS (€11.65) on 50619271 or use BOV Mobile pay via 79096249.

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