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It all started with muscle twitches and sudden falls, then doctors told me it’s ALS

It actually started in the beginning of 2015, when I was 28 years old. I started feeling cramps in my legs and experiencing sudden falls. It was during a friendly football match that I started falling haphazardly and got worried!

When the doctors informed me about the condition, I started working tirelessly to research for a cure for ALS and try to improve the sufferers' quality of life through the ALS Malta Foundation.

In Malta there are about 20 to 50 ALS patients at the same time. The aim of ALS Malta is to raise awareness about the condition, improve quality of life of patients with ALS and other Neurological conditions and research for a possible cure.

I started this foundation with a book balance of a few hundred euros and during this time, we managed to open a neurological home for ALS patients, helped hundreds of patients that required our help and are in the process of opening the second home.

Bjorn Formosa

ALS Malta Founder

Joe Debono

"Qatt ma ħsibt li ser ikolli l-ALS"

Salvu Camilleri

"At DAR Bjorn we have caring nurses, professions who does therapy, carers who give us food and our wellbeing"


Simone Galea

"We didn't know where to start but ALS Malta helped us in everything"

Patient Relative
Joe Debono

"Qatt ma ħsibt li ser ikolli l-ALS"

Joe Debono

"Qatt ma ħsibt li ser ikolli l-ALS"

Joe Debono

Very well-known actor in Malta was diagnosed with ALS in 2020. He realised that he was suffering from ALS when he started feeling pain in his hand during tennis.


"Din hija marda li tħallik bla saħħa"


"F'Dar Bjorn ħadt l-indipendenza tiegħi lura"


"Jien grata għal Dar Bjorn"

Our mission is to facilitate the life of patients suffering from neurological conditions.



Bjorn was diagnosed with ALS and founded ALS Malta.


Dar Bjorn

Opened the first DAR Bjorn that cares for 13 patients suffering from neurological conditions.


2nd Dar Bjorn

Started working on the second DAR Bjorn and acquired a building plot in Zebbug.


926 Campaign

A total of €1,600,723 was raised during the 926 Marathon in support of raising funds for Dar Bjorn 2.

Each donation will help us to continue providing a palliative care to our patients

ALS Malta will continue to work towards providing a better life for persons with neurological conditions.