Telethon - ALS Malta


Helping Bjorn finish this second ALS home

Can you believe that we are on the verge of opening the second home for neurological patients in six years? Bjorn, Maria and all the volunteers of ALS Malta are working tirelessly to open this long-awaited home. A home for ALS patients that will be situated in Żebbuġ.

The last telethon dedicated to the opening of this Nursing Home was held on Sunday, 26th of September titled ‘926tofinish’. Where 9 represented the month of the event and 26 is the date. This project will cost around €5.5m. The never-ending list of patients awaiting eagerly for the launch of this new home is getting bigger.

ALS Malta is devoted to help all patients that require help with palliative care, electronic devices and other devices that will ease the life of the concerned patient. Currently ALS Malta is helping more than 200 patients across Malta and Gozo. Every drop counts so Bjorn’s current wish will come true and more patients will have a dedicated special home.

You can make your own pledge!

Can you start donating to the 926tofinish campaign by filling this form and make a pledge. For each donation, we will present you a donation certificate and announce it on our social media. For pledges larger than €10K a dedicated video interview will be published and boosted.

    #1: visuALS €300

    Your name will be listed on the Donors Wall in the Newer & Bigger DAR Bjorn

    #2: brick-vitALS €1000

    Your company name or name will be forever engraved inside the Newer & Bigger Dar Bjorn!

    #3: hand-exposALS €2500

    Cast your fingerprints forever on a marble or stone inside the Newer & Bigger Dar Bjorn!

    #4: room-collaterALS €10k

    Acquire and sponsor one of the Exclusive Rooms in the Newer & Bigger DAR Bjorn. Print your name or Logo on an exclusive room door

    #5: legacy-finALS €25k

    Leave a legacy behind. Sponsor the Art Gallery, the Terrace, the Pool area, Reception or Lounge Area in the Newer & Bigger Dar Bjorn. Your Logo and branding will be present in the sponsored area.

    History of Telethons in aid of ALS Malta


    13th May 2016


    3rd March 2017


    20th October 2018


    25th October 2019


    27th September 2020


    26th September 2021