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Donating your time is essential for us at ALS Malta

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Therese Francalanza, Ruth Zammit, Charlene Saliba, Christine Cassar, Rose Muscat, Caroline Fenech, Mary Vella, Jackie Ebejer, André Psaila, Andrew Cassar, Keith Genuis, Andrew Brincat, Shaikh Imran, Lisa Vassallo, Glenda Bartolo, Mark Farrugia, Andrea Busuttil, Pauline Camilleri, Stefan Stafrace, Yanika Gatt, Philip Fava, Christian Schembri, Ramon Farrugia, Juanita Busuttil, Silvana Cesare, Lau Ra, Anne Pullicino, Max Zammit, Angel Shaikh, Beverly Cutajar, Aldo Giordano, Marlon Grech, Francoise Chetcuti, Jeremy Spiteri, Simon Pisani, Roxanne Xuereb, Justin Brincat, Charlene Ellul, Chantelle Calleja, Mark Gauci, Mar Iah, Jennifer Amaira, Maria Vella, Rowen Muscat, Emanuel Tabone, Monica Muscat, Marthese Scicluna, Nadine Zammit, Allison Agius, Claire Bonello Henwood, Andra Chante, Carmen Formosa, Martina Fava, Alison Muscat, Martina Pace, Jonathan Marmara, Marlene Farrugia, Matthew Agius, Josette Grech, Christian Salerno, Adele Cassar and Sue Dimech



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In aid of ALS Malta



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Give your time

Constantly we are looking for more volunteers that can help us in organising events. Can you spare some time for us?

Donate Items

We are also on the lookout to find people who will generously donate books/ vinyls and other equipment that we can sell in ALS Malta Shop

Contact us if you have any questions

If you’re interested in helping us in any format we are eternally grateful. Feel free to contact us using this form and we will reply