"We're going to break a record at DAR Bjorn" - Bjorn Formosa - ALS Malta

 100 paintings in just 9 hours!

“We’re going to break a new record at DAR Bjorn” – Bjorn Formosa

It's going to be a first!

This weekend at DAR Bjorn, there is going to be a first! The renowned artist, Mark Mallia will be attempting to break a national record (maybe even international) of painting 100 pieces in just 9 hours! All paintings will be donated to DAR Bjorn and can be sold during the exhibition. Mark Mallia is an established artist with years of experience in the artistic field.


The record will be from 9:00am to 6:00pm on Sunday the 4th of July. 926, is not a coincidence, it resembles the title of our telethon campaign in September. All profit from this art exhibition will go directly to 926tofinish telethon. 


So, if you are an art enthusiast, a collector or maybe curious to discover some artistic pieces, you can join us this weekend at DAR Bjorn for the MEGA ALS Art SALE in aid of ALS Malta. This exhibition will feature Mark Mallia and other local artists that contributed with their paintings from this exhibition. 


If you still can’t make it this weekend, you can always visit www.maltagallery.art and view all paintings, and ALS volunteers will deliver for free. 

The Art Exhibition will be open on these dates: 3rd & 4th July 2021;
Saturday 9am till 6pm
Sunday 9am till 6pm
Wide range of prices with huge pieces selling at incredible prices!
Come get your unique masterpiece, visit DAR Bjorn and help such a great cause!

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